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Grupo Bimbo reaffirms its commitment to care for the Planet through sustainable environmentally actions

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The Planet Pillar is the environmental arm of Grupo Bimbo’s sustainability strategy: “Our Sustainable Way” that operates around the world to reduce our carbon and water footprints, improve waste management and protect the Natural Capital.

Mexico City, June 5, 2018. In the framework of the World Environment Day, Grupo Bimbo reaffirms its commitment to care for its environment by implementing sustainable actions focused on reducing its environmental impact, caring for resources and the Planet for present and future generations.

Some of the Company’s programs and achievements regarding sustainability implemented to care for the environment at a global level are:

Waste Management

• 92% of the total waste from Grupo Bimbo’s production processes is reused and/or recycled.

• Since 2010, plastic usage was reduced up to 2.2 million kilograms at a global level, as a result of new technologies to reduce the caliber of its packages.

• The Company has been a pioneer in the use of degradable packages in Latin America; since 2008.

• It has 30 plants with Zero Waste to Landfill, thanks to the implementation of recycling and waste to energy (co-processing).

Carbon Footprint Reduction

• By the third quarter of 2019, Grupo Bimbo will obtain 75% of its electrical energy from renewable sources at a world level and will be the first baking company in the USA to be 100% supplied with renewable sources.

• Since 2012, The Piedra Larga Windfarm, dedicated to Grupo Bimbo, supplies clean electrical power to Mexico’s operations. With 45 wind turbines and a 90 MW installed capacity it stops the production of 180 thousand tons of CO2 emissions annually, which equals to supplying electrical power to 45,000 households.

• The Company started the Bimbo Solar operation, which in its first stage, will consolidate 33 systems thus preventing annually, the emission of 2,500 tons of CO2, equivalent to suspend the use of 3,115 barrels of oil, or planting 120 thousand trees.

• Grupo Bimbo has a sustainable fleet with 350 electric vehicles that avoid emitting 4.2 tons of CO2 each year. Also, in Mexico and the USA, there are other 185 vehicles powered by natural gas.

Water Footprint Reduction

• In 2017 Grupo Bimbo increased 19% the treatment of its plants’ waste water vs. 2016, and 11% of the water consumed was recycled; the equivalent to more than 215 Olympic swimming pools.

• Besides, since 2009 it reduced its water consumption 18%, and in the last three years the accumulated water reuse increased 25%, which is equivalent to 106,557 m3 or 43 Olympic swimming pools.

Value Chain

• Grupo Bimbo has a Sustainable Agriculture Global Policy and is a signatory of the UN Paris Pledge for Action, New York Declaration on Forest, Support Declaration to the Manifesto of Cerrado at Brazil and the implementation of pilot projects for corn and wheat sustainable farming in Mexico, together with the CIMMYT.

• Through Reforestamos México, A.C., during 2017, the Company joined the efforts to reforest 196 hectares of forests and support the preservation of 947 hectares of Mexico’s forest ecosystems.

Through these actions, Grupo Bimbo contributes to the preservation and protection of the planet we inhabit, seeking to build a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company. For more information visit our 2017 Annual Report.


About Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Bimbo is the world’s leader in the baking industry. It has over 139 thousand associates, in 2017 reached sales for 14.4 billion US dollars. It has 197 production plants and close to 1,800 sales centers strategically located in 32 countries around the world, within four continents. It produces over 13 thousand products under more than 100 umbrella brands of reknown prestige, in categories such as loaf bread, buns and toasted bread. It also has a wide distribution network in the countries where it is present, which is one of the largest in the American continent. In 2018, for the second consecutive year, Grupo Bimbo was the only Mexican company recognized as one of the 135 most ethical in the world, according to the World’s Most Ethical Companies 2018 by the Ethisphere Institute. Grupo Bimbo is listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under the BIMBO ticker. Grupo Bimbo restates its commitment with the environment, through its environmental sustainability programs in all the countries where it has operations.
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